solar led light

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Solar Led Light
For adventure-seeking campers or off-the-grid survivalists, there are a plethora of new solar products available. From solar phone chargers built specifically for outdoor use to solar kits to charge LED Lights or flexible solar panels that fit inside a standard hiking pack to portable laptop chargers, solar is taking over from the traditional Coleman lamp in terms of ease of use and availability.
Traditionally, to generate light, most people have done what folks without electricity have always done – burn something; mainly, kerosene. The trouble is that kerosene is a dirty fuel. Studies show that breathing fumes from indoor kerosene use is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.
Solar powered light bulbs and battery chargers are part of the movement towards decentralized renewable electricity sources and systems. Solar energy can easily be captured to charge up cell phones, batteries and can power conventional lighting fixtures and lamps.
While you don’t really need a solar lightbulb when experiencing the great outdoors, it is handy and even advisable to have batteries which are fully charged or even a solar cellphone charger.
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