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. Encourage Two-Way Communication
Asking your users for feedback will show that their input is being considered to drive the app in the direction they want it to go. The added benefit of opening these lines of communication with your users is that they won’t be as likely to post a negative review on the app stores if they can tell you first. Showing responsiveness and addressing any questions or concerns will boost your engagement and retention rates, encourage positive reviews, and build long-term brand loyalty.

Top Considerations to Keep in Mind
Find the Right Opportunity in the Market
All successful apps have one thing in common: they can develop habit-forming behaviors by building their app around the daily routine and emotions of users. If you think of brands like Snapchat, Evernote, or Twitter, they understand the pain point of their target audience and build out their features to link to their everyday routine, which encourages them to use it on a frequent basis. Addressing the needs of your users will play a huge role in how frequently they use your app.


Don’t Undervalue The User Experience
There is no generic equation for boosting user engagement and retention rates, but you do need to maintain the right balance between various tactics and the overall user experience. Just because push notifications are effective for one brand, doesn’t mean it’s the right approach for yours. Before you adopt any of these tactics, you need to assess if it’s the right choice for your app in particular. Will it add value for users or will it frustrate them? The minute you aggravate users, you’re sacrificing your retention rates. Weigh your options and determine the best approach with the user in mind.

Closing Thoughts: Shifting Focus to In-App Behaviors
Today, the goal is not simply an app download, but retaining users to build brand loyalty. App engagement and user retention are equally, if not more important than user acquisition. Converting users to loyal, long-term customers will help increase average lifetime value (LTV) and generate more revenue for your app. The above methods can significantly improve user engagement and retention to ensure that your application has an impact in the highly competitive app landscape.

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