Best at New York Comic-Con 2017 is the Yu-Gi-Oh Online Duel Evolution

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'yugioh online dueling' Anniversary Update 2018: Game gets upgrade of 'Godly' proportions
They summon monsters that act as two tributes, like Wind Prodigy and Kaiser Seahorse, to get Suijin, Kaizejin and Sanga of the Thunder on the field. If you can burn through their lifepoints with spell and trap cards or use cards like Stop Defense to get Labyrinth Wall into attack position to destroy it with one of your own monsters.
Once you get the Paradox Brothers at level 40, things get very interesting. Labyrinth Wall is already on the field. What makes the wall especially difficult is that it has 3000 defense, which makes it almost impossible to overcome. The Paradox Brothers use this wall to protect their lifepoints while they try and get the pieces of Gate Guardian ready.
Summoned Skull, one of Yugi’s most used monsters in the anime, is also available in this set, giving a 2500 ATK beatstick that only needs one monster to tribute. Prepare to see plenty of these in PVP very soon.

Heart of the credit card 

Structure Deck: Wave of Light also brings new Spells and Traps! The Sanctuary in the Sky has been rebuilt as The Sanctum of Parshath, boosting your Fairy monsters, protecting your Set Spells and Traps, and recycling your best cards.

Or fans can “Duel the Master” and face off against a world championship player.  Winners get a pack, but no one goes home empty-handed. A special promo card is given to fans too, so there’s nothing to lose by testing your skills.
The Para Gate is a much harder difficulty, pitting you against the brothers at level 50, but gives a higher Duel Assessment score. Dox gate is the opposite. The caveat is that if you lose, you’ll be deducted 700 points, so you won’t automatically get a card if you lose.
There’s also a ton of Spirit monster cards and support if you want to build a deck around them. There’s also cards and support for the Big Core/Gradius cards.
The latest event in yu gi oh online has begun, with the Paradox Brothers coming to the popular mobile game.

One of the best parts of conventions are the booths filling the showfloor with things to buy and do. Among the best at New York Comic-Con 2017 is the Yu-Gi-Oh Online Duel Evolution booth.

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