Feel free to utilize all four of the PoE currency

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When you've hit level 18, grab Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction. If you're only using three links, these will be the two to encourage your Firestorm. Feel free to utilize all four of the PoE currency mentioned supports though, and even Faster Casting in the event that you want. However, you might have mana issues if you do that.

At this point you should be good to just run beyond minions, and drop Firestorms on them as you move. Till you can't run 7, run. Here's an illustration art tree for flat 65. Yet more, mess up with it so it fits your play style and your real construct.

Summoners do not want traditional spell electricity as it doesn't increase minion harm. Therefore, you'll need a completely different construct, even for leveling. This will save a lot of Orbs of Regret. Grab the identical leveling equipment and Freezing Pulse. Level the same way up then change to Summon Spirits.

Your links must be Summon Spirit, Melee Splash, and Minion Damage. At level 18, include Minion Speed and Melee Physical Damage. Throw in Elemental Focus if you can spend the PoE trade currency mana. Finally, make your link Spell Echo. This will force you to cast faster, and create Spirits.

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