Fortnite's New Iceberg Contains Not Just A Castle

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I like this occasion for many of the Fortnite Items reasons. We can only speculate what will happen. Much is left to the imagination.Will this iceberg crash to the map including a new snowy area with a castle? Or will snow cover the map for Season 7? It is not possible to know for sure. However one thing is sure: I'm sure glad to be done with purple glowing stuff.

If I never see another purple glowing thing in Fortnite again it'll be too soon (and yesI know, there continue to be anti-gravity craters across the map. I hope they're gone when Season 7 lands.) Season 7 is just round the corner. I'm excited for the next Christmas outing of the game.

Fortnite's New Iceberg Contains Not Just A Castle, But An Total Village

Despite its inland title, it is very apparent that there is something lurking in the ice, and by the appearance of the best tower and the gate front, the frequent idea was that the whole iceberg is buy fortnite materials actually the Ice King's (tier 100) castle.

Instead, Polar Peak is really a castle...having an whole village in tow. It's one of these medieval cities you know or you find in games such as Skyrim or even The Witcher . There's the castle lording over everyone, both literally and figuratively, and a town down below where the frequent folk live and blacksmith things and cover a lot of taxes and whatever townsfolk do.

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