Strategy is that whenever you need metal in Mafia City

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It is hard to increase the metal robbing speed mainly because unlocking the metal robbing skills require a very high level (level 31). Also, the cost of investing in the metal robbing speed property is high.
The best way to equalize the metal robbing speed with the robbing speed of your primary resource is to rob metal when the ‘Getaway Drivers’ skill is active which doubles the resource robbing speed for 2 hours. This skill has a cooldown of 20 hours so you can use it at least once everyday. If you login to your farms 4 times a day, you can do metal one time with the skill activated and your primary resource 3 times.
If you have 3 farms, 1 cash farm, 1 cargo farm & 1 arms farm, you will be farming metal one time per day on each of the 3 farms. And you’ll be farming cash, cargo & arms 3 times each as well in their respective farms. This way you’re equalizing the amount of cash, cargo, arms and metal that you farm per day.

The only problem with this strategy is that whenever you need metal, you will have to farm all of your farms. Which is why I suggest that you only rob metal on your main account so that you won’t need metal a lot.

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